Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oceany Day Dreams and Nautical Name Generator

Hello all!

Today I was looking at all the memories my friends and I accumulated over this summer; I think perhaps some of my fondest were spent at the beach...Ahhhh summer! Ahhh beach! *Pardon my noisy sigh*

Talking about beauty, beaches and summer, here's a little shout-out to one of my favorite spots, BALBOA ISLAND
Oh so pretty! I think I'll wax lyrical about it in some future post.

In the meantime, here's something fun to chew on: 
Nautical Names!
Just thinking about the beach makes me think about ships. And just thinking about ships makes me think about boats (and Sail On And On). And boats make me think of nautical terms. And then those got me started on names.
 I need a name that is "oceany" and pretty. Cluck-Cluck McCluck is a nice name, but it doesn't remind me of the beach...nope, nope...a barnyard maybe, but certainly not the beach.


Enough of my ramblings. I daydreamed up a nautical name generator and I think---not quite sure yet---that I am quite tickled with it.
Here it goes: 
  • Your 1st name: simply take the 1st letter of your original 1st name and insert it with the new one.

C for "Cluck"...mine came out to be "Scuttles"
  • Your New Middle Name: Next, you take the take the day your were born, and that will be your new middle name. 
 I was born on a Friday, so my middle name is "Nautilus"
  • Your New Last Name: Finally, your last name will be lined up with the month in which you were born.
Since I was born in May, my last name is "Sailor"
Well, well, well, my little friends, I think I will shove-off for now. Please feel free to use "Nautilus Name" generator. I'd love to hear what some of your own nautical names are

Scuttles Nautilus Sailor----oops! I mean Cluck-Cluck McCluck :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ode to Chocolate. Chip. Cookies.

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day everyone!

Mmmmmmmm, how I love a fresh, hot chocolate chip cookie—in fact, I love mine right out of the oven…except eating them this way burns the fingers and mouth something fierce. 


Sidenote: if we're going to talk about cookies, we ought-should-need-have to-absolutely-must talk about cookie dough too. Who's in for cookie dough? I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✋ ✋ ✋ ✋ ✋
 You see, it's unanimous. 
Apparently, cookie  dough and I go waaaaay back. Ever since I was a child, my parents fondly referred to me as "Cookie Dough." 
Alright, back to original topic: Chocolate chip cookies.  


I think the funniest thing about these little dillies is that while they are pretty much everybody's favorite treat, there's no-one way to make them. There are so many varieties. For example: 

And does white chocolate chips count as chocolate? 😉


All this talk about cookies, how shall we celebrate? Say, now I'm curious, what's your favorite kind of chocolate chip cookie? And how will you be celebrating the day? Pardon me, but I think I hear my oven calling.

Goodbye for now friends, 


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pardon Me While I Ramble



                                 Plump, orange pumpkins!


Crunchy, tri-colored leaves!

Just a few of the autumnal 
beauties gathered 'round to celebrate some of the pleasures of life. Ahhhhhhhh. Pardon me, did I sigh?

  At the same time, there also seems to be a fall-ish connection in the lovely, yet ordinary, spotted brown and cream mushrooms. 
...and if I'm not mistaken, they can be quite poisonous.

Inline image 1

Extraordinary   colors of 



Inline image 2
Why hello little bud!

Challenge this week my readers: there are many simple pleasures of life; why not look around and notice some of them?

 And while I ramble on about the niceties of Autumn, I bid you ta-ta!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meet Jasper!


Like any regular day, I popped open my sketchbook, sharpened my pencil, and planned to come up with some new images for my SHOP
Nope, not today---my sketchbook and pencil had minds of their own. I tell you, I put my hand down for one moment to, oh I don't know...clear pencil erasings, straighten the tablecloth, sip my orange juice, ...when all of a sudden, there appeared on my paper before me this wee fellow.

He said his name was Jasper.

Well, Jasper and I soon had a nice little chat. Evidently, he comes from the little village over the way, Brighthill, where he found a balloon on a bench. He and balloon became quite good friends and decided to go on an adventure. And my sketchbook was one of their first visits!


"Well, I better go now," Jasper finally said. "Time's flying, so I must be flying too." I asked him if I could draw his portrait before he left and he said I could...
 Children Art Print. Up, Up and Away! PRINT 5x7. Nursery Art Home Decor

He loved it. 
In fact he asked me to put it up for sale as little children's Nursery Art on my SHOP. I did. And away Jasper floated, up, up and away.
 Fly safely Balloon and Jasper! Maybe one day we'll meet again.


I've come to the conclusion that balloon flying is the only way to travel. So carefree and breathtaking...I shall get myself a balloon. You should get yourself one too, and maybe, we'll meet Jasper. 

And while my head is still in the clouds, I bid you ta-ta!



Saturday, October 3, 2015

It is October!

     Oh my goodness! It's the 3rd day of October! Just 3 days ago it was the 1st day of October. Just a week ago it was September. Just a season ago it was Summer. Just a year ago it was 2014. Just a---well, I guess you pretty much get my point: time travels FAST!