Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oceany Day Dreams and Nautical Name Generator

Hello all!

Today I was looking at all the memories my friends and I accumulated over this summer; I think perhaps some of my fondest were spent at the beach...Ahhhh summer! Ahhh beach! *Pardon my noisy sigh*

Talking about beauty, beaches and summer, here's a little shout-out to one of my favorite spots, BALBOA ISLAND
Oh so pretty! I think I'll wax lyrical about it in some future post.

In the meantime, here's something fun to chew on: 
Nautical Names!
Just thinking about the beach makes me think about ships. And just thinking about ships makes me think about boats (and Sail On And On). And boats make me think of nautical terms. And then those got me started on names.
 I need a name that is "oceany" and pretty. Cluck-Cluck McCluck is a nice name, but it doesn't remind me of the beach...nope, nope...a barnyard maybe, but certainly not the beach.


Enough of my ramblings. I daydreamed up a nautical name generator and I think---not quite sure yet---that I am quite tickled with it.
Here it goes: 
  • Your 1st name: simply take the 1st letter of your original 1st name and insert it with the new one.

C for "Cluck"...mine came out to be "Scuttles"
  • Your New Middle Name: Next, you take the take the day your were born, and that will be your new middle name. 
 I was born on a Friday, so my middle name is "Nautilus"
  • Your New Last Name: Finally, your last name will be lined up with the month in which you were born.
Since I was born in May, my last name is "Sailor"
Well, well, well, my little friends, I think I will shove-off for now. Please feel free to use "Nautilus Name" generator. I'd love to hear what some of your own nautical names are

Scuttles Nautilus Sailor----oops! I mean Cluck-Cluck McCluck :)

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