Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ode to Chocolate. Chip. Cookies.

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day everyone!

Mmmmmmmm, how I love a fresh, hot chocolate chip cookie—in fact, I love mine right out of the oven…except eating them this way burns the fingers and mouth something fierce. 


Sidenote: if we're going to talk about cookies, we ought-should-need-have to-absolutely-must talk about cookie dough too. Who's in for cookie dough? I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✋ ✋ ✋ ✋ ✋
 You see, it's unanimous. 
Apparently, cookie  dough and I go waaaaay back. Ever since I was a child, my parents fondly referred to me as "Cookie Dough." 
Alright, back to original topic: Chocolate chip cookies.  


I think the funniest thing about these little dillies is that while they are pretty much everybody's favorite treat, there's no-one way to make them. There are so many varieties. For example: 

And does white chocolate chips count as chocolate? 😉


All this talk about cookies, how shall we celebrate? Say, now I'm curious, what's your favorite kind of chocolate chip cookie? And how will you be celebrating the day? Pardon me, but I think I hear my oven calling.

Goodbye for now friends, 


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