Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meet Jasper!


Like any regular day, I popped open my sketchbook, sharpened my pencil, and planned to come up with some new images for my SHOP
Nope, not today---my sketchbook and pencil had minds of their own. I tell you, I put my hand down for one moment to, oh I don't know...clear pencil erasings, straighten the tablecloth, sip my orange juice, ...when all of a sudden, there appeared on my paper before me this wee fellow.

He said his name was Jasper.

Well, Jasper and I soon had a nice little chat. Evidently, he comes from the little village over the way, Brighthill, where he found a balloon on a bench. He and balloon became quite good friends and decided to go on an adventure. And my sketchbook was one of their first visits!


"Well, I better go now," Jasper finally said. "Time's flying, so I must be flying too." I asked him if I could draw his portrait before he left and he said I could...
 Children Art Print. Up, Up and Away! PRINT 5x7. Nursery Art Home Decor

He loved it. 
In fact he asked me to put it up for sale as little children's Nursery Art on my SHOP. I did. And away Jasper floated, up, up and away.
 Fly safely Balloon and Jasper! Maybe one day we'll meet again.


I've come to the conclusion that balloon flying is the only way to travel. So carefree and breathtaking...I shall get myself a balloon. You should get yourself one too, and maybe, we'll meet Jasper. 

And while my head is still in the clouds, I bid you ta-ta!



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